Roman Riding:

Known as one of the most difficult stunts to perform with horses, Roman Riding gets it’s name from the teams of horses used in chariots in ancient Rome. Max Reynolds takes this feat to an all new level of excitement with his “Silver Bullets”, giving it several new twists.  You’ll witness the standard riding style with each of Max’s feet planted on two separate horses, riding as a team. His legs move up and down like pistons in an engine as the horses charge at high speeds.  Suddenly, he twists around to thae right, then to the left, riding backwards as the horses charge around the arena. Most horses are extremely afraid of fire, but not this team. Reynolds taught his horses to be fearless, putting their trust in him as they manuever around flaming obstacles and jump through a hoop of fire.  This is one of the most memorable events for all spectators as they stare in disbelief.

Trick Roping:

This act brings everyone back to the days of the wild west when a cowboy’s skill was judged by his roping accuracy. Trick Roping is nothing new to Max as he has carefully developed this skill for more than 30 years! No matter what the occasion is, this trick-roping act will bring applause and smiles to audiences of all ages.

Roping stunts include:

  • “Giant Cowboys Wedding Ring” – 70 ft. of rope spun around entire horse and rider.
  • “Two Rope Routines” – Combinations of spinning and jumping in and out of two ropes simultaneously.
  • “Texas Skip” – made famous by Will Rogers

6-Shooters and Bullwhips:

This act involves extreme skill in handling two tools of the old wild west.  The Bullwhip and the Six-shooters.  Max has choreographed this performance to astound his audiences as he combines these two dangerous tools into another outstanding performance.   The act begins with Max and his horse riding around the arena, repeatedly cracking the whip into the air until they come to a halt at the center.  Then Max jumps from his horse to grab a second whip which he uses to crack the two at the same time.  His assistant, with absolute faith in Max’s skill, calmly holds targets from her hand and the top of her head.  Max takes careful aim and cracks the whip, splintering the targets apart, inches from her!  He then places a target into his own mouth, and with a quick backlash of the whip, the target explodes.   The Bullwhips are dropped and the fancy gun handling begins.  Complicated spins with one gun and then two guns at once give the audience even more entertainment.  The guns are juggled with careful precision that cannot be matched!

The sharp shooting begins with Max and his horse circling the arena through a series of targets, shooting them at a distance of 20 feet!  The targets are hit as the team rides through.  His assistant now throws a series of targets in the air that Max shoots both left-handed and right-handed.   With the horse’s reins in his teeth, Max begins to ride again, running the Gauntlet as John Wayne would, “True Grit” style.  Max shoots alternating targets with both guns at once, leaving the audience amazed. Finally, Max and his horse take a bow at the gate before exiting the arena.